Fully focused on thermal spas and health therapies, our Wellness Center offers a historic Turkish bath along with fitness, sauna, spa & wellness, hairdresser and massage services.


Restore your energy and strength with healthy thermal care procedures, then boost your physical fitness with sports and exercise for sustainable and lasting health and beauty.


  • Relieves head, neck, back, lower back, sciatica, rheumatism and post-sports pain.
  • Regulates blood flow.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Soothes and invigorates muscles and skin.
  • Minimizes heart attack risk.
  • Makes you a fit, peaceful and happy person.

“Did you know that massage improves blood flow and nourishes the bones?”

We recommend regular classical massage once or twice a week, which will be as beneficial to your body as sports. Massage has direct and indirect effects on all systems of the body.

  • Relaxes the mind and reduces energy load.

  • Delays aging (increases cell renewal)

  • Relieves stress for an improved social life


Feel refreshed and renewed as your ailments disappear with the healing effect of thermal water pools – all while you enjoy your vacation in our world-famous thermal water pools and gear up for the stress of everyday life in the healthiest way.

50 min. Classic Massage
50 min. Reflexology Massage
30 min. Anti Stress Massage
80 min. Spa Relax Massage
50 min. Aroma Relax Massage
50 min. Bali Massage
50 min. Sports Massage